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A Chamber and Academy of agriculture accredited Farm education centre.

Structured and educational promotion of oyster farming in a safe environment. Catering for school groups.

Group reception 

Every workshop is adapted to suit its audience,

Organized educational sessions for all types of establishments :

Nursery, primary schools, colleges , classic/ vocational lycees, universities, leisure/ holiday centres and both private and state specialized establishments.

Total capacity of up to 120 persons.

Children learn about a profession built on patience and passion for a sea-shell : the oyster.

The aim of my recreational and educational workshops at shack N°57 is to arouse young learners curiosity for this strange animal in its natural environment and to give older learners insight into the wealth of the Arcachon bay's heritage.



Teachers and organizers choose the programme to suit their groups

Lively and monitored whole class or small group workshops.  Active participation of adult supervisors.  Production site visits possible. 

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Tariffs and timetables 

4.20 Euros/child. 

Supervisors are free.

A 63 Euros fixed rate for groups of less than 15 children.

Times are set on booking. Application for Transport subsidies can be made through OCCE.